Resources Provided by Capalaba Physio

Capalaba Physio Resources is list of resources to assist in your understanding of various injuries and their treatments. The resources consist of brochures in the form of PDF documents, Infocards and examples of the newsletter produced by Capalaba Physiotherapy Centre for its clients. The centre can also provide further information via a range of books or DVDs – please contact us for further details.

Link to PDFAnkle & Knee InjuriesSports physiotherapy management of ankle injuries1.16Mb
Link to PDFChildhood Aches & PainsChildhood musculoskeletal growth pain physiotherapy can help3.0Mb
Link to PDFExercise BenefitsSo, your patient needs to exercise760KB
Link to PDFGet ActiveGet Active this Summer800Kb
Link to PDFKnee Pain in ChildrenOsgood-Schlatter Disease – funny name, but what is it?2.0Mb
Link to PDFMedicare – Chronic Disease managementAdvice regarding patient treatment under Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management program360KB
Link to PDFNeck & Arm Pain CombinedNeural mechanosensitivity in relation to neck and arm pain900KB
Link to PDFNeck PainIs your headache really a neck ache?1.14Mb
Link to PDFOffice PostureArticle on workplace ergonomics440KB
Link to PDFOsteoarthritisHow physiotherapy can help2.4MB
Link to PDFProstate CancerAn article from Andrology Australia80KB
Link to PDFProstate EnlargementAn article from Andrology Australia110KB
Link to PDFShoulder Problems Shoulder disorders: physiotherapy can help4.1MB
Link to PDFArthritis – information about Osteoarthritis and ways of managing the condition.
Link to PDFBack Pain - causes and treatments for back pain.
Link to PDFFitness for seniors – exercises: why, what’s best, how to start, how physio can help.
Link to PDFHeadache – successful diagnosis and treatment.
Link to PDFKnee injuries – types of knee injuries and their treatment.
Link to PDFNeck pain – identification of the main causes of neck pain and the proven effective treatment.
Link to PDFSafe manual handling – how to protect yourself from injury when lifting and moving objects.
Link to PDFSprained ankle – what is a sprained ankle and what should you do after the sprain.
Link to PDFSports injuries – treatment, management and prevention of sports related injuries.
Link to PDFStroke – what is a stroke, problems, risk factors and treatment options.
Link to PDFThe pelvic floor – what do pelvic muscles do, benefits of treatment, how physiotherapy can help.
Link to PDFSpring 2020- Does Your Child Have Bow Legs, Knock Knees or Flat Feet?
Link to PDFWinter 2020- Headache or Neck Pain?
Link to PDFAutumn 2020- But I Don't Have Time to Exercise
Link to PDFSummer 2019- Got a Shoulder Problem?
Link to PDFWinter 2019 – Older Knees
Link to PDFAutumn 2019 – Osteoporosis and Exercise
Link to PDFSummer 2018 – Back Conditions
Link to PDFAutumn 2018 – 33 has a ring to it
Link to PDFSummer 2017 – The Benefits of Drinking Water
Link to PDFSpring 2017 – 7 ways to care for your shoulder
Link to PDFWinter 2017 – Manage my arthritic knee without surgery
Link to PDFAutumn 2017 – How Soon after Injury to Commence Physiotherapy
Link to PDFSummer 2016 – Pokemon Go and Rio Olympics
Link to PDFSpring 2016 – Exercises & Happiness
Link to PDFWinter 2016 – Exercise and Happiness
Link to PDFSpring 2015 – Are Social Media or Exams causing you pain?
Link to PDFAutumn 2015 – How will I set my desk up – all about posture.
Link to PDFAutumn 2014 – Physio will help you overcome your sports injury as quickly as possible
Link to PDFSummer 2014 – Keep your back healthy
Link to PDFSpring 2012 – How long after an injury should you commence physiotherapy?
Link to Website” width=APA – Australian Physiotherapists Association – is the peak body representing the interests of Australian physiotherapists and their patients. The APA is a national organisation with non-autonomous state and territory branches and specialty subgroups.
Link to Website” width=Andrology Australia – The study of the functions and diseases specific to males, especially of the reproductive organs. The equivalent to gynaecology for women.
Link to Website” width=Continence Australia – Promoting bladder and bowel health.
Link to Website” width=Bladder Bowel Australia – Information to assist with the prevention and management of bladder and bowel problems.
Link to Website” width=Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia – Information about what you need to know about bowel cancer.
Link to Website” width=Pelvic Floor First – A website dedicated to encouraging pelvic floor safe exercises.